How We Reclaim Wood Video


Since Inception, Centennial Woods™ Has Grown To Become One Of The Largest Providers Of Reclaimed Wood In The World, With A Reputation For Quickly Providing High Volumes Of Beautiful, Consistent, “Snow Fence” And Providing Customers With Great Service.

THINK GREEN: Hundreds of miles of Wyoming snow fence line the highways and byways, enduring the harsh elements to make travel safer during our seven-month winters of constantly blowing snow. It turns out these conditions are ideal for producing stunning and sustainable weathered wood. Before Centennial Woods™ began harvesting Wyoming snow fence, older boards were often left on the frame too long, and were either burned or thrown in a landfill when replaced. In 1999, Centennial Woods™ discovered the strength and beauty of Wyoming snow fence and vowed to repurpose it. By developing an international market for this sustainable Wyoming resource, Centennial Woods™ has repurposed more than 12 million feet of reclaimed wood from snow fence,  avoiding more than 13,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

Watch a video about our process.

Centennial Woods™ reclaimed wood from Wyoming snow fence is made of sustainably harvested Ponderosa Pine, Lodge Pole Pine, Douglas fir, and Spruce from the Rocky Mountain region. Unlike most barn wood or salvaged building planks, our wood has never been treated or painted. This means no harmful off-gassing or lead paint will make its way into your home.