Ken Pieper & Associates

February 17, 2011, by CentennialWoods, Posted in Testimonials, Comments Off

At Ken Pieper & Associates we visit every surface of a room before we design or build a thing. For the Mountain Living’s natural dream home we wanted to create a comfortable, rustic environment in the family game room. We selected Centennial Woods reclaimed snow fence to accent the ceiling because of its rustic beauty and reclaimed pedigree. And unlike reclaimed barn wood it has never been treated with harsh lead paints, finishes, chemicals. We left it natural and it turned out gorgeous. While every board is weathered a bit differently, the color, design and texture of Centennial Woods reclaimed snow fence creates a continuity that I find very pleasing.

It has always been a pleasure with Centennial Woods and we absolutely plan to continue working with them and their reclaimed materials.

-Ken Pieper, Architect