Frequently Asked Questions About Reclaimed Wood

How much does reclaimed wood cost?

Pricing is based on economies of scale; the more you order the price becomes less expensive per linear foot/board foot. The price will increase if you would like your wood denailed, milled, or custom finished. You can see our current pricing on our reclaimed wood planks for walls and ceilings here. Please contact us at (307) 742-3672 to help you price your project.

What in the world is a “Snow Fence”?

It is a wooden structure that prevents snow drifts on highways. These fences can be between 6' and 12' tall and there are hundreds fo miles of them in the state of Wyoming. These fences make it safe to travel through the brutal winters in Wyoming. Watch our video to see exactly what we're talking about. Wyoming snow fences have created the largest source of sustainable reclaimed wood in the world.

What sizes are available?

The snow fence planks are made up of nominal 1”x6” and 2”x6” weathered boards. We reclaim the 1”x6” weekly, but we have limited access to 2”x6” boards. Inevitably, it is necessary to cull out some of the unusable wood and we end up with cut stock that is less than the original length. Contact us for lead times and board lengths that are currently available.

What is the lead time for reclaimed wood?

Our lead times are constantly adjusting due to the inherent unpredictability of reclaiming wood in Wyoming due to the weather and mandates from the Bureau of Land Management.

How old is your reclaimed wood?

The wood we reclaim off of the snow fences has been exposed to the elements for around 15 years or so on average.

How straight is the wood?

Centennial Woods™ prides itself on having some of the very best reclaimed wood on the market. Our production team has an extremely selective culling process because we want to give you the best product possible. Use best practices for your region when acclimating our wood to your environment before installing.

What kind of milling options do you offer?

For those that like the look of reclaimed wood, but want the product to install like new lumber, we offer the following in-house milling options: tongue and groove, shiplap, bevel lap, resawn, straight edging, planing to consistent thickness, and skip planing.

Has the reclaimed wood been treated?

No. Our wood is 100% natural and has not been treated in any way. Unlike barn wood or pallet wood, our wood has not been exposed to lead paint, chemical treatments, or animal waste. There are no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in our wood and therefore no off-gassing.

Can I get LEED® points by using your wood?

Absolutely! Centennial Woods™ reclaimed wood contributes toward satisfying Credits MR3, MR4 and MR under LEED.

Is there any kind of maintenance with reclaimed wood?

Our snow fence wood is a maintenance-free product. For exterior siding we do offer Centennial Seal™ - a sealant to protect the wood from moisture.

Can I specify a color range for my wood?

Our wood is primarily grey with other brown, yellow, and orange tones mixed in. Unfortunately, with reclaimed wood, we don’t have any control over the color of wood we reclaim from week to week. That said, if requests are within reason we will do our best to satisfy your desired aesthetic; please keep in mind that this will extend the lead time of your delivery.

Will the color of reclaimed wood change or vary over time?

The patina of your wood may continue to change slightly down the decades.

What species of wood do you use on your snow fences?

Our wood is a mix of pine, spruce, and fir.

What is "skip planing"?

It is a method of removing some of the very top portion of the wood. Some of the natural patina is removed revealing lighter tones beneath the top layer.The wood in the picture below has been skip planed.

Centennial Woods' reclaimed wood has unique colors and textures.

Centennial Woods™ is known for its quality, and its unique colors and textures. Knots, antique nails, nail holes and variations in patina are part of its charm and should be expected.

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