Reclaimed Bevel Lap Siding Boards

From Recycled Wyoming Snow Fence (307) 760-8037

Bevel Lap reclaimed wood siding from Centennial Woods made from recycled Wyoming snow fence.

Shiplap reclaimed wood.

Sealing Reclaimed Wood Exterior Siding is Highly Recommended

Sealant for reclaimed wood when used as exterior siding is highly recommended.

When using reclaimed wood as exterior siding best-use installation techniques based on region and environment are very important. Reclaimed wood will continue to age, change color and texture when applied to the outside of a building. In order to preserve reclaimed wood siding's integrity we highly advise applying Centennial-Seal™.

Bevel Lap Milled from Reclaimed Wood

Bevel lap is manufactured by re-sawing wood at an angle to produce a piece thicker on one edge than the other, similar to clapboard siding, with a thick butt and a thin upper edge lapped to shed water. The minimum board overlap for installation is one inch. Bevel lap is typically only recommended for horizontal applications.These reclaimed wood boards contribute towards satisfying credits MR3, MR4, and MR5 under LEED®.

The face of the board is 4.5"

Thickness starts at 1/4" and goes to 1/2"

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