Tongue and Groove Reclaimed Wood Boards

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T&G Reclaimed Wood.

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Shiplap reclaimed wood.

Some of our unique finishes come from natural aging, some from light sanding, and others from techniques mastered by our in-house craftsmen. Learn more about our available reclaimed wood finishes.

T & G Reclaimed Wood Boards

Wooden planking in which adjacent boards are joined by means of interlocking ridges and grooves along their edges. A strong joint, the tongue and groove joint is widely used for re-entrant angles. The effect of wood shrinkage is concealed when the joint is beaded or otherwise molded. Tongue and Groove joints allow two flat pieces to be joined strongly together to make a single flat surface. Tongue and Groove can be used for both horizontal and vertical applications.These reclaimed wood boards contribute towards satisfying credits MR3, MR4, and MR5 under LEED®.

The face of the board is 4.5"

Thickness of 11/16" - Centennial-Seal™ Waterproof Sealer highly recommended.

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