Reclaimed Wood Siding | Centennial Woods

1 x 6s, Shiplap, and Bevel Lap for Buildings, homes, and Multifamily Residential Projects

No need to make your clients wait for the aged wood look. Centennial Woods™ reclaimed wood siding is naturally aged on Wyoming snow fences for up to 20 years. Use our Centennial Seal™ to make the reclaimed wood moisture resistant without changing the appearance of the wood. Our reclaimed wood siding can be seen on homes and shops in mountain ski towns, on seaside buildings on the east and west coasts, and everywhere in between. Use for vertical wood siding, horizontal, diagonal, or chevron pattern.

Buy reclaimed wood planks for walls and ceilings from Centennial Woods.

1 x 6 Siding

Naturally Weathered Boards

shiplap reclaimed wood.


Tough, Rabbeted Boards

Bevel lap reclaimed wood.

Bevel Lap

Overlapping, Triangular Profile Boards

Bevel lap reclaimed wood.

Tongue and Groove

Interlocking Reclaimed Wood Boards

Bevel lap reclaimed wood.

Centennial Seal™

No Change in Appearance of Reclaimed Wood