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Buy Reclaimed Wood Wall Planks Online

Weathered Boards for Sale Starting at $9.41 per square foot- minimum order of 20 s.f.

Order Centennial Woods' reclaimed wood wall planks online to get the barn wood look for your room, business, or restaurant.

Create your own reclaimed wood feature wall in your residential or commercial space with our 20 square foot bundles of 1/4" thick planks of FSC® 100% Recycled reclaimed wood from Wyoming snow fences. Get the barn wood and pallet wood look for your walls or ceilings without the risk of contaminants. Our reclaimed wood planks from the snow fences of Wyoming have no harmful VOCs, no chemical treatments of any kind, and are insect-free. These bundles come in varied lengths of 1', 2', 3', and 4'. They are available boxed with 5" faces or wrapped with 4" faces. Choose from a variety of custom finishes.

Since reclaimed snow fence wood has no VOCs it is a perfect biophilic, clean-air material for interior design.

Buy 20 square foot Bundles of Reclaimed Wood for Accent Walls and Ceilings from Our Online Store Powered by Shopify, Choose from 4 inch or 5 inch Widths

The 4" inch width 20 square foot bundles are wrapped for shipping and the 5" width 20 square foot bundles are shipped in boxes. Order up to 4 samples for $15.

Centennial Wood™ reclaimed wood bundles include 1', 2', 3' and 4' long pieces that will cover 20 square feet (48 lineal feet/1.858 square meters). All of our reclaimed wood planks can be ordered at 5" or 4" wide and are great for custom feature walls, ceilings, and DIY projects. Since this wood is naturally weathered, the coloring will vary from grays to browns. Knots, nail holes, and imperfections are part of the charm of this reclaimed wood and are to be expected. Learn how to win $250 in our photo contest.

Call if you need more than 200 square feet/10 bundles: (307) 742-3672.

Use our handy square footage calculator to determine how many 20 s.f. bundles you need.

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Centennial Woods' Online Store Return Policy

If your package of reclaimed wood arrives damaged, refuse delivery. If you notice damage after unpacking your wood contact us immediately (within 24 hours of delivery) and take photographs of the damaged items. Product returns require prior approval from an agent of Centennial Woods LLC to assure credit. Contact us within 30 days of receipt to process a return. A 20% restocking fee and return shipping will apply. Returns must arrive in their original condition with the factory straps around the bundles of wood intact.

For every bundle of reclaimed wood sold by Centennial Woods a seedling will be donated to the US Forest Services' Plant-A-Tree Program.

Centennial Woods is participating in the USDA Forest Service’s Plant-a-tree Program to help reforest public areas that have suffered from drought, flood, fire, or infestations. The Forest Service accepts donations which are earmarked for planting seedlings in our National Forests wherever they are needed across the USA.

For every bundle of reclaimed wood that we sell online we will donate one seedling to the Forest Service’s program. So far we have donated over 500 seedling trees, enough to cover nearly 2 acres (approximately 300 seedlings cover one acre). We hope to help keep our forest’s healthy by helping to reforest areas that have been hit the hardest.

If you wish to donate directly to the program you can find more information here.