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Centennial Woods is a reclaimed wood supplier for all US locations like NYC, Denver and Los Angeles as well as outside the US including Canada, Europe, and Asia. We are based out of Laramie, WY and have an office in Singapore. For years we've heard people asking, "where can i buy reclaimed wood?" We've answered, "from Centennial Woods, we will ship reclaimed wood to any location."

Our clients include ARCHITECTS | DESIGN/BUILD FIRMS | INTERIOR DESIGNERS | as well as HOMEOWNERS and BUSINESS OWNERS. Our chemical-free reclaimed wood with no harmful VOCs is perfect for interior and exterior projects. We sell custom-milled reclaimed wood including wall panels / ceiling panels, siding, shiplap, bevel lap, Tongue and Groove, flooring planks, resawn boards, and more. Our reclaimed wood boards are naturally aged & cured for years on Wyoming snow fences by the sun, wind, rain, and snow; this natural process let's us skip the energy intensive process of kiln drying our would creating a carbon negative product.

Reclaimed Wood for Sale

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Centennial Woods is one of the largest suppliers of reclaimed wood in the world. Our reclaimed wood is FSC® 100% Recycled (Forest Stewardship Council) and contributes to LEED points.

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Interior wall paneled with 100% recycled reclaimed wood from Wyoming snow fence boards - designed and installed by LRO Residential. reclaimed wood made in usa logo.
Reclaimed wood boards for sale from Centennial Woods come from the naturally aged wood on Wyoming snow fences.

Reclaimed Wood Boards

Weathered, grey wood boards for interior and exterior applications.

reclaimed wood photo galleries showing interior, exterior, residential and commercial projects.

Reclaimed Wood Design Ideas

Residential and Commercial interiors, exteriors, furniture, and more.

Reclaimed Wood Videos

Learn more about our unique process for reclaiming lumber.

Reclaimed Wood from Snow Fences

Learn more about how Centennial Woods is able to continually reclaim lumber aged in the plains and mountains of Wyoming.

Wyoming snow fence.

Naturally Aged and Weathered

Our reclaimed wood from Wyoming snow fences are made from soft woods from the Rocky Mountain region. Our wood has never been treated with chemicals and is cured naturally over a period of years by the sun, wind, and snow of the arid Wyoming climate.

In-House Milling

Choose from milling options like lap, ship lap, planed, skip planed, beveled lap, tongue & groove (See installation photos of these options). Straight edges and consistent thickness are available options, as well as de-nailing the reclaimed boards. We also offer custom finishes in a variety of colors.

Milling equipment at Centennial Woods.
Reclaimed wood incorporated into modern design.

We Know Reclaimed Wood (See Our Blog)

Reclaimed wood has an innate rustic charm, but it can be incorporated into any style from contemporary to avant garde to shabby chic. Reclaimed wood is also a "green" building material that will earn LEED points. Learn why our wood is among the safest of reclaimed woods, and how to incorporate it into your project's design.


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