Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to the commercial sector. The Governance & Accountability Institute cited a mere 19 percent of S&P 500 corporations engaged in reporting on sustainability in the year 2010. Their most recent report, however, showed that number increasing to an outstanding 75 percent of S&P 500 companies.

Why is that? Well, as the world continues to place greater importance on environmental impact and social responsibility, more and more companies want to be seen as good corporate citizens. Harvard University found that companies even benefit from corporate stewardship, through cost reductions, risk reductions, and gains in their business’s reputation and legitimacy.

What does this mean for your business? It means that consumers are seeking companies that are environmentally responsible and proactive in helping the planet. Consumers care about companies that care. So then, how can your business become recognized as an environmental leader? The LEED® certification!

LEED® certified buildings are more than an asset on the books, they are an asset to your reputation. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, “LEED® certification … offers compelling proof to you, your clients, your peers, and the public at large that you’ve achieved your environmental goals and your building is performing as designed.”

LEED® certification can be obtained on both new construction projects and major renovations. Certifications are available for interior and exterior work, so they are available for a large number of projects and building types. A portion of the requirements for a LEED® certification focuses on using FSC® certified material, such as reclaimed wood, in your building.

Centennial Woods' reclaimed wood is certified FSC® 100% Recycled. Our recycled wood can be used for for beautiful interior accent walls, ceilings, and furniture. Exterior applications include siding, soffiting material, and fascia. To get ideas for ways you can incorporate reclaimed wood into your LEED® design, check out our many gorgeous exterior and interior completed projects.

Centennial Woods can provide for all your recycled wood needs. Please contact us to begin your LEED® project and start demonstrating your environmental leadership to the world.

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