Reclaimed Wood for Designers

Infographic showing the benefits of using reclaimed wood from Wyoming snow fence in home or business interior and exterior design projects.

In this day and age, the preservation and conservation of our natural resources has become an even more important aspect of our lives. As many of us—individuals and companies alike—strive for a more earth-friendly approach to building furniture, homes, and establishments, the popularity of reclaimed lumber has skyrocketed.

One such type of reclaimed lumber is the snow fence. In the Northern areas, snow fences are made up of sturdy, solid wooden planks which are installed to control where the snow goes during particularly strong snowstorms. They are useful in protecting thoroughfares to make sure road travel is safe during winter, but these snow fences also help create drifts for basins that will melt in the spring, creating water supply for animals. Sometimes, they are also use to increase snow depth in specific areas of ski resorts and the like.

But did you know that these strong wooden panels used to be burned or destroyed after the winter season? Imagine how much wood had been wasted so far in this careless old practice! Fortunately, the reclaimed lumber industry has recognized snow fences’ great potential as environmentally friendly alternatives to virgin wood. Curious? Here’s how reclaimed snow fences stack up to other kinds of wood:

No Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Due to the altitude and low humidity of the region, wooden panels used as snow fences are perfectly dried by the sun and wind. This natural drying process makes use of ZERO carbon dioxide as opposed to dried wood. The best part? The absence of carbon dioxide in these pieces of wood is equivalent to not driving your car for five whole years!

No Bugs

Dark and damp surfaces are usually home to bugs, but because snow fences are exposed to sunshine and wind all the time, they don’t provide the kind of habitat bugs usually look for.

No Chemicals

Wood is usually treated with chemicals to keep it from rotting or having bugs infesting them. Snow fences meanwhile, are already perfectly dried out under the sun, making them resistant to moisture and bugs. There is no need to treat these wooden planks, and their chemical-free condition eliminates the concern for off-gassing and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Natural Weathered Look

If you’re looking for a natural, rustic look on your wood, snow fences are for you. These wooden pieces are usually anywhere from 7 to 25 years of age and are in various stages of natural weatherization due to sunlight, wind and rain. They may also have varying marks such as knotholes, nailheads, color variations and warping that’s common with lumber.


Due to the perfectly cured nature of these wooden panels as well as the fact that they are free of harmful VOCs, reclaimed snow fence is being used for a lot of various projects. From floor to ceiling and pieces of furniture in and out of the home, the list of things you can do with snow fences is almost inexhaustible.

At Centennial Woods, snow fences are re-purposed to serve as lumber for various uses in home construction. Reclaimed wood from Wyoming snow fences make the best, and most sensible type of reclaimed lumber to use for your next construction project.

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